Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Heat

Mini Review

Having not seen a Sandra Bullock film since The Proposal, I was looking forward to her return to the big screen in this buddy cop comedy.

The film also stars Melissa McCarthy, who by now most of you will know from Bridesmaids, if not one of the several other comedies she's done since that. There is no doubt that the woman has comedy chops, but I was a little concerned with the casting of Bullock as the straight cop to McCarthy's funny cop. As Sandra Bullock is a funny lady too and I was hoping she'd have chance to shine.

The story is a relatively simple one. Uptight FBI agent 
Ashburn (Bullock), gets paired with foul mouthed Boston cop Mullins (McCarthy). The reasons for this being that Ashburn's boss thinks she needs people skills, and Mullins' boss thinks Ashburn will be a good influence on her. So they work together, hating each other at first but then finding middle ground and forming a friendship strong enough to bring down a drug lord.

If that sounds like a million other buddy cop movies you've seen, that's probably because it is. That's not to say it doesn't have merits or isn't enjoyable, because it does and it is. Just don't expect anything fresh. Even the idea of this being a female buddy cop movie isn't new. Well not if you remember Cagney and Lacey anyway.

A good effort on both leads part makes this a fun night out at the cinema (or night in if you're going to wait for the DVD) but it won't blow you away. 7 out of 10.

Viewing Date - 31st July 2013
UK Release Date - 31st July 2013

Cast Overview:
Sandra Bullock ~ Ashburn
Melissa McCarthy ~ Mullins
Marlon Wayans ~ Levy
Michael Rapaport ~ Jason Mullins
Jane Curtin ~ Mrs Mullins
Spoken Reasons ~ Rojas
Dan Bakkedahl ~ Craig
Taran Killam ~ Adam
Michael McDonald ~ Julian
Thomas F Wilson ~ Captain Woods

Director ~ Paul Feig
Writer ~ Katie Dippold

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