Thursday, 22 August 2013

Monsters University

I might've mentioned my love of Disney movies, and that in recent years, this love has only grown with the addition of Pixar to the Disney family.

As I confessed in my recent Monsters Inc. review, that movie is my favourite Pixar movie. Without doubt. Only challenged by Wall•e, which I love, but which only manages second place to the tale of Sully, Mike and Boo. So of course, when Monsters University was announced 10 years after Monsters Inc. I was thrilled. But could it live up to it's predecessor?

Monsters University starts by showing us a snippet of the young life of Michael Wazowski, a small monster with big dreams. He's never found his place in the world until he visits Monsters Incorporated on a school trip. He is immediately drawn into the world of the amazing scarers and decides there and then that he must become one. He works hard at school and makes it all the way to Monsters University, which is where he meets James P Sullivan, or Sully as he's known to his friends. Despite the knowledge we have of what great friends they become later in life, they do not see eye to eye at first. But in entering the Scare Games with 
a group of misfit monsters, they must work together to make their team good enough to make the grade.

I picked Monsters University as my birthday movie this year. I'm not sure if that put more pressure on it or whether I still would have had high expectations due to my love of the first movie. Either way, sadly, Monsters University did not surpass the high bar set by Monsters Inc.

It was still a brilliant sequel/prequel to the first film, and it was fascinating to see how our well loved monsters started out in life, but without Boo the film did feel like it was lacking something. As far as kids are concerned I have no doubt that Monsters University will go down a storm. There just aren't many jokes for the adults to enjoy. 

As ever with Pixar, the animation is superb. They've really shown off their talents with some of the new monsters, there's a lot of detail so let your eyes just feast on it all. And at the end of the movie, if you don't come away with just a little bit more respect for these cute, err I mean terrifying little guys, I'd say you've missed the point. 7 out of 10.

Viewing Date - 26th July 2013
UK Release Date - 12th July 2013

Cast Overview:
(If you don't like knowing who the voices are DONT SCROLL DOWN! ;0)
Billy Crystal ~ Mike
John Goodman ~ Sully
Steve Buscemi ~ Randy
Helen Mirren ~ Dean Hardscrabble
Peter Sohn ~ Squishy
Joel Murray ~ Don
Sean Hayes ~ Terri
Dave Foley ~ Terry
Charlie Day ~ Art
Alfred Molina ~ Professor Knight
Nathan Fillion ~ Johnny Worthington

Director ~ Dan Scanlon
Writer(s) ~ Dan Scanlon (Screenplay and Story), Daniel Gerson (Screenplay and Story) and Robert L Baird (Screenplay and Story)

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